It all started when…

In late 2002, a goalkeeper from Pennsylvania, starving for more playing time posted on the internet an ad for “anyone wanting to play field hockey should contact Susan”. Another lover of field hockey, and an ex-national player living in Clearwater, got together with Susan and some lacrosse players in Fish Hawk in Tampa on one Sunday evening. This union between Susan and Kathleen sought help from USFHA.

Dean Nakamura, a member of USFHA Development, forwarded the email address of Jeff Grosvenor.  Jeff is an ex-President of North East Field Hockey Association and ex-umpiring Chairperson of New Atlantic Section, who just migrated to Tampa with his job at JPMorgan Chase. Jeff, along with Charles Joseph and Ravi Kullar (another JPMorgan migration candidate) journeyed out to Fish Hawk.  There, in very thick grass, that hungry goalkeeper had three men take shots at her without proper protective hockey gear. The height of the grass disappointed everyone.  The following Sunday Jeff, Susan, a few lacrosse players and Kathleen (Kathie) returned to Fish Hawk. After some drills in the thick grass Susan, Jeff, and Kathie decided to search for other facilities. Since this was in the Fall of 2002 and the holidays were upon us nothing was accomplished for the rest of that year.

In early Spring Jeff emailed Susan to try to get things going in 2003. Susan was away with her job, so she forwarded Kathie’s’ email address to Jeff. Kathie and Jeff got together. Thanks to Kathie, a meeting with Bob Carpenter (Director of Parks in Clearwater) was arranged and the rest is history.

We all play together regardless of age, hockey skills or fitness level. The one important thing we have in common is: We are all crazy about hockey. Field hockey is the most fun sport and it is highly addictive. Our emphasis lies on having fun together, that's why field hockey is also a great sport for the whole family. Where else could you play on the same team as your kids/parents?